I’m afraid I’ll never finish college. I’m afraid I’ll finish college with student loans I can never pay back. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree and won’t be able to find a job in that field. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree, get the job I dreamed of, and hate it.
A Mental Illness Happy Hour listener whose list of fears matches mine four for four. Glad I’m not the only one.
(via mcmexican)

“I was worried, when we first decided this was going to be the band name, about all the negative puns that would happen,” Ruess says. “Like, ‘This is no fun at all!’ It’s really just people coming up to us and saying…’Well that was really fun! Whoops, I did it. Tehehehe.” With such a common word as the band’s name, it’s almost impossible to avoid entirely. “You’re gonna say it,” warns Antonoff. “Yeah, if you say it and you acknowledge that you said it, don’t bring it up to us,” advises Ruess. “That’s for future reference for everybody.”